Who I am


I’m a doctor, a coach and driven to serve. I believe the vast amount of health problems are caused by lack of education and/or a disconnect between one’s values, heart and behaviors. When we know what we are willing to fight for we then know what direction to head towards. Great things happen when we our behavior aligns with what we value the most.

My board certification is in Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine). Disease Reversal Life Coaching and optimum life performance are my passions. With 30 years of experience in preventing and reversing disease, my focus is on helping others achieve optimum life quality and longevity. By applying Coaching techniques with lifestyle changes I help people transform their lives. I share the latest science in nutrition, exercise physiology, mindfulness and sleep medicine to help educate people seeking a better way. I help people overcome the barriers and obstacles to change so they may heal themselves.

You can learn more about my background and experience here.  or listen to me talk more about my approach and fascinating topics here.

Here is where you can find out more about my coaching approach. And more about the science of coaching here.

Purpose of this website

Many people feel trapped, stuck or spinning in place. There is something preventing them from experiencing and expressing their best self to the world. This site was created to help people get out of the open ended grave called a “rut” and transform their lives to live longer, healthier, happier and with more success. What began as pearls of wisdom to patients over two decades ago has now blossomed into a science based model intertwined with the art and process of coaching.

The goal of this site is to improve your life by combining coaching with the latest science and proper use of human principles and laws that govern our behavior. Particular emphasis is placed on life, life purpose and weight loss/wellness coaching as well as helping you apply the best science from clinical nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and exercise physiology so you may live longer and better. We live in an accelerating and stressful time. Helping you to understand and thrive in that environment is what I do.

My aim is to get you unstuck and moving towards your goal(s) faster with coaching while condensing the best science and wisdom into actionable information to quickly help you become healthier, smarter, more productive and fulfilled.

I am simply the observer, coach, physician and friend who cares deeply about people and our world. Fostering your goals, life purpose, freedom and fulfillment is my life’s purpose. My commitment is to serve you so you can impact your life and other’s lives in the most meaningful way.

I do this by:

  • Blogging

  • Videos/Vlogging

  • Sharing thoughts, timely articles, pictures or videos on social media

  • Podcast

  • Leading retreats, workshops…

  • Speaking engagements

  • Life coaching and Life Purpose coaching

  • Wellness and Weight loss coaching

  • Leadership and Executive coaching

  • Relationship coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Teaching

My purpose is to provide you with resources, information, coaching and practical tools that support you in living a more healthy and authentic life in harmony with your values, passions and dreams. It’s an honor to have you visit. Please take a look around for the support you need. You can experience a free meet and greet by contacting me at reedmiloymd@gmail.com and I’ll promptly respond.

Warm and compassionate regards,

Reed Miloy MD


International Coaching Federation - member

American Medical Association -member

Certified by American Board of Internal Medicine

Obesity Medicine Association - member

Texas Medical Association - member

Kerr/Bandera County Medical Society - former president/current member

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