“Don’t Wish it Were Easier.  Wish You Were Better.”

                                                                              ~Jim Rohn

Los Santos Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Los Santos Forest Reserve, Costa Rica


Why I Coach?

Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden, “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.” This silent suffering inevitably leads to mental and physical illness. If extreme enough, anxiety, depression and even suicide. If not suicide then premature death from the physical diseases that manifest from living disconnected from one’s life purpose. I find this tragic and unnecessary.

As a physician I used to become frustrated because I could not help a person get to the root cause of their medical problem. Coaching helps the individual discover the source, deal with the problem, grow and move forward. I coach because it is the single most effective way to help a person get what they want, break free and express themselves authentically to the world. Witnessing someone evolve into a healthier, happier and more effective human being that positively influences the world is very cool.

I’m not hear to tell you what to do. I’m here to help you not silently take your exceptional talents and gifts prematurely to the grave. It’s my life’s mission to raise awareness so others can awaken to be their most authentic an optimal self. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want? What are you willing to fight or die for? What are you afraid of? What keeps you up at night? Who or what is offended you? What are your goals? Are you living your dreams or someone else’s? What are you putting with? What is blocking you and getting in your way? I’m here to ask the tough questions to broaden your perspective and be curious about what other possibilities exist for you. I’m here to hold a sacred space, a vision, so you can be still, go within and find your answers.

What is Coaching?

In the last few decades Coaching has emerged globally into the mainstream to serve the personal and organizational quest for excellence. Coaching is an integration of multiple disciplines including: personal development, sports, eastern and western spiritual philosophies, counseling, mentoring, management, consulting, language, communication arts, career development and much more. Coaching continues to evolve and improve on helping people and organizations face the challenges of an accelerating world. Scientifically, there is no better model to empower personal or organizational change than Coaching.

Coaching defined:  Coaching is a partnering and catalyzing relationship that accelerates great performance and achievement.  It’s about identifying purpose and living that purpose. It’s about compassionately helping you get what you want by applying collective wisdom and supportive proven methods.



“To change one’s life; Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.”

William James


You might want a coach to:


  • Improve Health

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss

  • Gain clarity on your life’s purpose

  • Reduce Stress, Overwhelm & Simplify

  • Balance work, health, family life, personal interests and be more productive

  • Improve Relationships

  • Increase financial health

  • Experience greater energy and vitality

  • Get ahead professionally

  • Improve Leadership Skills

  • Decrease leadership stress and have clarity on an organization’s vision

  • Set Better Goals

  • Reach Goals Faster

  • Save Time & Money

  • Sleep better at night

  • Have more fun in one’s life

  • Make Better Decisions

  • Have a collaborative partner


“Growth is the only evidence of life.”

John Henry Newman


My Coaching

My coaching combines an established proven approach with more than a quarter century of experience as a medical doctor.   I have seen and experienced the spectrum of the human condition. There will be no surprises.

We are all developing as we move through life.  Our experiences and problems provide us with learning opportunities and growth but sometimes we get stuck or spin in place.  Here are a few ways that my coaching can help you break free:

Identify the Gaps

Getting to know you and listening beyond your words helps me to ask powerful thought provoking questions that re-frame the gaps in your thinking and identify limiting beliefs. These gaps are then filled in with new insights and awareness. New tools and resources are also brought to bear to move forward. This is where the “Ah ha” moments occur and you discover a new path.


I’m a partner not a parent.  I’ll ask you up front what form of accountability works best for you.  I’ll support and challenge you to reach your highest potential. I’ll help you create a strategic plan, make sure you have a solid structure in place to reach your specific goals.  If you miss the mark, with kindness I will hold your feet to the fire so you may achieve what you want.


Hiring a coach is an act of courage.  It’s putting down the self help books, tuning out the noise of family and friends, choosing not to tolerate underachievement anymore and teaming with an expert that is unbiased.  An expert that empowers you to discover your own answers without giving you reams of advice and counseling. We will win early and keep winning. With victory comes increased confidence. Your confidence will grow and strengthen your commitment - accelerating your progress.


Good hurt

It takes humility and courage to open ourselves to help.  To put the self reliant ego aside and connect with another human who will help us put the good hurt on ourselves so we may grow. Like a muscle that is stretched and pushed you will become stronger, wiser and more flexible. My coaching will help you measure your progress with tangible results.  I will help you invigorate your passion and creativity so you can go further than you ever imagined. You will “hurt” but you will be thankful for it and reap the benefits.

We make this journey as partners.  Along the way we quickly build a foundation for a better life.  We explore your vision, remove barriers, identify and play to your strengths, broaden your choices and make better decisions.  You will learn to develop habits that serve you. We have fun, celebrate the breakthroughs and remove obstacles that have held you back.

What I Want for You…

Our capacity, potential and meaning are far deeper than we can imagine. They are oceanic. I believe in your ability to discover your own depths, find your voice and express it in the most authentic way possible. You must look inward and be honest with yourself. There are no short cuts. Who you are and what you show the world must be aligned. When they both resonate in harmony your life will become vastly easier and more meaningful. Helping you nurture this seed of self discovery and wonder is what I do.

Self reliance and toughness have always worked for you in the past, why are they not working now? To echo the famous English poet John Donne, “No man is an island…send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” The first step of change is having the humility to accept the ringing in your head and acknowledge you need help. We have been conditioned to not make ourselves vulnerable and that mindset will only digs the hole deeper. Raising your hand is the healthiest form of surrender. We all have cracks in our armor…it’s how the light gets in.

What I want for you is to have hope, courage and faith that there is a better approach or strategy for dealing with your dilemma, and to take action so you may experience the healthiest and most meaningful life possible. You are much more than you have ever imagined.

Warm and compassionate regards,

Reed Miloy MD

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“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

~ Michaelangelo


International Coaching Federation - member

American Medical Association -member

Certified by American Board of Internal Medicine

Obesity Medicine Association - member

Texas Medical Association - member

Kerr/Bandera County Medical Society - former president/current member