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Sunset at Enchanted Rock - Texas Hill Country 2019

Sunset at Enchanted Rock - Texas Hill Country 2019

Enchanted Rock 2019

Enchanted Rock 2019

Reed Miloy is a board certified Internal Medicine physician, international Life and Wellness coach with a long history of Disease Reversal coaching. His areas of interests are prevention, longevity, treating obesity naturally, using Life, Life Purpose and Relationship coaching to open the door to optimum health and exceptional life performance.

Reed is the founder of Optimum Health, PA, a medical practice located just outside of San Antonio, Texas which focuses on reversal and prevention of chronic diseases, longevity, weight loss and wellness by applying the most valid science from the fields of nutrition, psychology, exercise and sleep physiology. He is licensed in the state of Texas. Reed employs coaching models and principles as set forth by the International Coaching Federation to help patients and clients make sustainable changes in their life.

Reed is a seventh generation Texan who received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Molecular Biology/Immunology from Texas A&M University. His research focus at that time was on histones and DNA packaging in dinoflagellates. His Master’s thesis was on “Oncogene Activation.” He subsequently did research on G protein receptor ligand binding at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.

After completing his Master’s training, he and a childhood friend embarked on a cycling tour from Austin, TX to the Grand Canyon. Along the way they experienced considerable hardship in west Texas. One evening after a 110 mile ride in 100 degree heat, Reed received the unexpected news that a close family member was dying. To get home he called a rancher named Wayne Joiner who he had met the day before. Asking if he would drive them to the nearest airport a 100 miles away if they paid him, Joiner paused for what seemed like eternity and replied, “Nah… ain’t going to do that … I’m taking you home.” Joiner drove nonstop through the Texas night- over 600+ miles. He refused any form of compensation including gas money. He got Reed home the next morning to see his grandmother- she was on the ventilator but fully lucid and Reed was able to say “Goodbye.” She died that night. This, and countless other acts of kindness by people he met along the way transformed Reed’s thinking. It renewed his faith in people and inspired him to enter Medical School. He went on a bike ride and he became a doctor.

While attending Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for medical school he developed an interest in nutrition and preventive medicine. John Robbins’ “Diet for a New America” inspired him to learn more and apply nutritional plant-based strategies to his practice of medicine. He completed his training in Internal Medicine at Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, Oregon and for several years helped develop and grow an integrative medical practice in Portland with a diverse group of practitioners that included cardiologist, primary care, chiropractic, counseling, social work and acupuncture. Due to the declining health of his father, he returned to Texas and founded Optimum Health.


His Hobbies include: Hiking, Aviation camping, cycling, swimming, running, travel, gardening, spending time in nature and making deeper connections with family, friends and new friends.

Meet Reed

You can meet Reed by simply contacting him at reedmiloymd@gmail.com and he will promptly respond to set up a free of charge meet and greet.


International Coaching Federation - member

American Medical Association -member

Certified by American Board of Internal Medicine

Obesity Medicine Association - member

Texas Medical Association - member

Kerr/Bandera County Medical Society - former president/current member


From time to time, Reed may make reference to certain products or services he uses or has researched. He receives no form of compensation from companies providing those products or services.